Even without the family in the picture, the Brady Bunch staircase isn't hard to identify.

The Brady home was considered modern and very contemporary in its prime during the run of the show. Though not my favorite architectural style, it certainly was impressive.

The Brady house floor plan featured a large open plan in the living and dining areas, which was a new thing at that time and is loved to this day. The other interior elements of this design were the great lines found in the interior and exterior architecture used to create movement — vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. This is primarily noticed in the main interior open stairs, the wall of wood paneling with applied moulding behind the stairs, the angle of the roof line, the strong horizontal of the stone planter.

Other iconic design details of the ’60s and early ’70s include the color blocking found in the pattern of stained glass windows, and steps down into the sunken living room — a design element which I always wanted to have. This home is full of strong lines, interesting and varied textures and open space, all of which are elements we use today in interior design for residential as well as commercial spaces.