Through the Viewfinder May 7 2023

A great blue heron lands on a log next to another great blue heron in the wetland next to Red Rose Commons on Fruitville Pike, in Lancaster city Saturday, April 22, 2023.

There’s a wetland on Fruitville Pike next to Red Rose Commons that I occasionally visit to look for birds to photograph. On a Saturday, a few weeks ago, I spotted a great blue heron standing on a log. As I was taking a few shots of this heron, another great blue heron flew in and landed on the same log.

THE METHOD: This was photographed with a Nikon D6 camera and a Nikon 600 mm F4 lens. Exposure: shutter speed 1/2500 of a second with the aperture at f-5.6 and the ISO at 1250. The 600 mm lens has shallow depth of field, and shooting with the aperture almost wide open, the depth of field is even more shallow. My purpose in doing this this to have the background blurred which separates the subject of the photo, which in this case is the birds, from the background. 

Through the Viewfinder is a weekly feature by LNP | LancasterOnline photographers exploring the art of black-and-white and color photography.

​Blaine Shahan is a staff photographer. He can be reached at or (717) 481-8486.