Mountainous cliffs are seen along the Na Pali Coast on the West Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. This was shot on my iPhone 13.

My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon recently in Kauai, Hawaii.

It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Everywhere you turned was an amazing picturesque landscape, and it was easy to make great photos.

About 95% of the photos I took on our honeymoon were on my iPhone. My iPhone was more than capable of taking the photos I wanted. Plus, it’s more durable and more convenient.

It was the first time I traveled without a DSLR camera since I’ve been a photographer (though I did have a Fuji X100F, a small mirrorless camera).

This photo was taken between puke breaks on the Na Pali Coast in Northwestern Kauai. I felt confident getting onto the sailboat for the five-hour trip up and back the coast.

I hadn’t been motion sick in years, and I grew up on a boat, so I figured I’d be fine. But the boat I grew up on was always on lakes; this was the North Pacific Ocean.

Not only was this my first time being seasick, which lasted four hours, but it was also my first lesson in marriage.

Before we set off on the boat, my wife had taken Dramamine, just to be safe. I (semi-jokingly) told her that seasickness is “all in your head.” Karma came for me about an hour and a half later. And for the record, I was very wrong.

My wife didn’t get seasick and enjoyed the views of the island’s coast. I sat at the back of the boat chewing ice cubes and staring at the horizon between “chumming sessions,” as one of my friends later clarified for me.

Thankfully, though, I didn’t have to worry about camera equipment or settings, along with everything else that was going on, to document the sail. My phone worked like a charm (and I swear I’m not getting paid by Apple).

THE METHOD: Shot on automatic on iPhone 13 using the “wide camera” at 26mm, f-1.6. ISO 50 at 1/5556. Cropped and converted to black and white in Photoshop. 

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