Have you witnessed someone doing the dance?

You know the dance, and you witness it when you are walking in your neighborhood, perhaps trekking in the woods, maybe at the grocery store or walking onto a golf course to play a round.

We’ve all seen it and we’ve all done it: The dance of people jumping around trying to step on and kill the spotted lanternflies that have taken over Lancaster County and beyond.

Every time I see a spotted lanternfly, I wonder how something so wild and unique looking could be so dangerous, and yet they must be killed as they kill the trees of life. Our fruit trees, grapevines, various berry and maple trees are all in their path of destruction.

I went to my local orchard to pick peaches and blackberries this summer, and it turned into a one-person party of me trying to kill these destructive creatures. And they do look like creatures. Before you try to pounce on one of these buggers, take a close look at it. The underside of this monster has a bizarre antenna-like spear growing from where its mouth should be.

Now, go find some of these flies, and when you are finished admiring, do what needs to be done and eradicate them for the future of our food.

The Method: This image was shot with a Nikon D4S body on a 105 mm micro lens. ISO was set to 1600 with a shutter speed of 1/400 of a second at f-7.1. Processing of this image was completed in Luminar and finished in Photoshop.

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