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Through The Viewfinder

This picture first ran in a game gallery back in May, but I wanted to feature it in a Viewfinder because it’s not very often that you see a high school sports photo with such a clean and interesting background.

I have gone down to Frederick, Maryland, many times over the years to do handyman work. Of course, all of my customers down there are deaf or hard of hearing. I had heard there’s a bike rack that spells out Frederick in sign language.

A few weeks ago, I needed to go to Harrisburg, so my wife and I stopped at Wildwood Park and took a walk around the 3-mile trail. I had heard Wildwood is a good place to see birds. I’ve been enjoying photographing birds for several months, so I wanted to take a look. I saw many birds, and ev…

I found this clematis while walking to and from my car during the primary election in May, hanging by the sidewalk where I parked.

This is my dog, Dexter. In this photo, he’s at the pinnacle of his happiness. This was taken minutes before I pulled four ticks off of him.

This is my second experiment dropping an object into a glass of water to see how the water reacts. This time, I tried dropping a quarter into a small glass of water. I normally use this glass for orange juice in the mornings.

On a Saturday about a month ago, I took a ride to Lancaster County Central Park to look for and photograph birds. Not long after I sat at the edge of a pavilion, I noticed this male house finch flying from above a light in the pavilion to a tree and back again. He was holding what looked lik…

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