Elf on the Shelf winner 2018

Sprinkles was the winning entry from Jenesis Stahl of Elizabethtown. 

Jenesis Stahl of Elizabethtown is this year's Elf on the Shelf contest winner. The Stahl's elf, Sprinkles, brought in more than 200 of the 746 votes from readers. 

The contest, sponsored by Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center, asked readers to send in their photos of their elves — some were naughty and some were nice, but all were creative. 

Stahl's winning entry was a play on the popular song, "Baby Shark Dance." 

"I usually try to do things that are popular at the holidays, base my ideas off of movies and other things," Stahl said. "And then I amplify it."

Stahl's daughters, Savannah, 8, and Danica, 11, look forward to their mother's creativity and Savannah searches for Sprinkles first thing every morning. 

"I think the older one kind of knows," Stahl said. "But she humors her sister and does like the ideas behind each one."

Waking up at midnight every night to assemble Sprinkles in her setting, Stahl spends about an hour constructing each scene while her daughters sleep. 

"I try to do something different with each one," Stahl said. "I don't want to do the same old, same old. 

Sprinkles has visited the family for the past four years and Stahl has entered the contest for the past three. 

"I am so excited to have finally won," Stahl said. "I just kept trying, but in the end it's fun for my kids."