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Mitchell Sweigart podcast interview Wednesday, January 31, 2018

From finishing his senior year at Princeton University to becoming a school board member and starting his first full-time job, Mitchell Sweigart has had a busy 2018.

The 22-year-old, who was appointed by the Penn Manor school board in February, is the youngest school board member in the county.

When he wasn’t working on his 73-page senior thesis or playing left tackle on Princeton’s football team, Sweigart traveled two hours from Princeton, New Jersey, to Millersville to attend school board meetings.

That was his promise, after all. The Penn Manor High School graduate told school board members during his interview that he wouldn’t miss a meeting. And he hasn’t.

Sweigart, who graduated from Princeton in June, now works for Benefix, a small startup company in Lancaster city. His term as a school board member expires December 2019.

College major: Economics.

Why you chose Princeton: There was a bunch of schools that were interested, but once I got the offer from Princeton, it was really a no-brainer for me. They had just won the Ivy League title (in football) in 2013. … I thought the distance from home was perfect.

Favorite sport: Football.

How long you played football: 12 years.

Favorite childhood TV show: “The Simpsons.”

Siblings: A sister, Justina, 29.

Most difficult part about being a college student: Honestly, I think it’s just managing your time correctly.

I joined the school board because: I always wanted to get involved and I think it’s really important to give back. I really had a fantastic experience at Penn Manor and had a lot of great teachers who shaped my life in a positive way. … In a sense, being on the school board is me trying to pay it forward so the next wave of kids can have the same great experience.

What your friends say about being a school board member: “Dude, you’re so busy, and you’re only 22. What are you doing?” They don’t understand.

Most rewarding thing about being a school board member: For me, it’s connecting with community members, taxpayers.