OFFENSE: It wasn’t just Dotson. The Lions threw to the tight end, ran the ball when everybody knew it was coming, and racked up 580 yards and 25 first downs. Obviously, a depleted opponent was a factor. Grade: B.

DEFENSE: The early stages were as bad as it’s been all year, and that’s saying something. Illinois did next to nothing after the first quarter, though. Grade: C.

SPECIAL TEAMS: All of a sudden, there’s a dangerous, explosive-play return game, that Saturday yielded a 100-yard touchdown and a 50-yarder that set up a TD. There was a missed 34-yard field goal. Grade: A-minus.

COACHING: After scoring so easily on the game’s first snap, Penn State took too long to settle down to its work. Defense was simply awful early. However, the Lions had just two penalties and one turnover. The coaches have seemed to explore the offense’s possibilities of late, and they are considerable. Grade: B.

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