2019 Michigan at Penn State Football

It was a White Out for the Penn State vs. Michigan football game at Beaver Stadium in State College on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

There’s a lot to be said, in these times, for wishful thinking.

So: Of course there’s going to be a football season.

Foxbet.com is so sure of it that it has established Ohio State as a three-point favorite over Penn State in Happy Valley Oct. 24.

Yes, you can express your confidence in American institutions right by placing a bet on a college football game that will be played seven months from now only if a lot of things that have nothing to do with football go right between now and then.

Or you can see this as idle Internet fodder. Not a bad thing in this moment.

In other Penn State games for which odds are posted, the Nittany Lions are a three-point favorite at Nebraska Nov. 7, and, in perhaps a mild surprise, a 1-point underdog at Michigan Oct. 3.

Other notable national games: Alabama -6 at home vs. Georgia Sept. 19, Clemson -3.5 at Notre Dame Nov. 7, Alabama -1 at LSU Nov. 7, Ohio State -4.5 at Oregon Sept. 12, Florida -2 at home vs. LSU Oct. 1, Ohio State -8.5 at home vs. Michigan Nov. 28, Alabama -7 at home vs. Auburn Nov. 28.

Trusty vegasinsider.com, which aggregates data from seven oddsmakers, isn’t all that high on the Nittany Lions to win the national championship, either. Penn State is at 40-1, same as Texas and Michigan and a longer shot than Clemson (5-2), Ohio State (3-1), Alabama (9-2), Georgia (7-1), Florida (16-1), Oklahoma (20-1), Auburn, LSU, Notre Dame, Oregon and Texas A&M (all 30-1).