deer in the snow

A group of does gathers at a feeder in Chester County.

Who’s got their doe tags for the upcoming hunting season already?

If you don’t, it looks like there are still plenty of opportunities.

County treasurers across the state on Monday will begin accepting applications for the second round of unsold antlerless licenses.

When you combine the two rounds of sales for unsold licenses with the very first round of sales, this upcoming round potentially would result in a hunter who mailed in applications for all three rounds securing a third tag for the season.

That’s the most a hunter can have outside the Special Regulations Area. There, a hunter can have an unlimited number of tags.

Anyway, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website, there still are a lot of tags up for sale, including more than 20,000 for Wildlife Management Unit 5B, which covers nearly all of Lancaster County.

The Game Commission allocates antlerless deer licenses for use in individual WMUs. As of Friday morning, those units that had exhausted their allocations already were WMUs 1B, 2F, 2G, 2H, 3A, 3D and 4E.

Those units cover much of the most popular mountain areas of Pennsylvania, where many people have hunting camps.

But there still were 16 WMUs with allocations remaining.

Besides the 21,779 remaining tags as of Friday morning for WMU 5B, WMU 5C, which borders 5B to the east, had 25,505 tags, WMU 5D had 11,183 and WMU 5A had 4,025.

All of these units are within an easy drive from Lancaster County, so local hunters looking to hunt deer close to home have plenty of options available.

The WMUs with the fewest remaining tags were WMU 4C, with 906; WMU 4B, with 1,650; and WMU 5A, with 4,025.

Pennsylvania first deer hunt commences Sept. 21, when the archery season opens in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D.

After this next round of doe tag sales commences, count on most WMUs being sold out in short order.

Hunters who don't have three tags outside the Special Regulations Area can continue mailing in applications at anytime to try to get tags in the units where allocations remain.

Or you can wait until Oct. 7, and go to a county treasurer's office to buy one over the counter, if there are any tags left in the state.