giant hog

Blaine Garcia and Wyatt Walton bagged and tied this 790-pound boar hog about three miles north of De Leon, Texas.

Did you hear about the two Texas men who captured a 790-pound wild hog - alive?

The story out of De Leon, Texas, is making the rounds on the Internet, following the feat last month.

Apparently, Blaine Garcia and Wyatt Walton found the giant beast roaming on a ranch, and the landowner wanted it gone.

The men used dogs to stop the giant beast, and then literally hog-tied it with ratchet straps to subdue it.

Catching hogs is a common activity across the South. The trick is to get the hog off its feet and onto its side. This will neutralize even the biggest hog.

Wild hogs weighing 800 pounds certainly are rare, but they're not unheard of.

The ability of these prolific breeders to reach such sizes is one of many reasons the Pennsylvania Game Commission and state Department of Agriculture have been working hard to keep wild hogs from becoming established in the wild here.

The most common way hogs get into the wild in Pennsylvania is when they escape from farms.

A 100- to 150-pound boar was shot while running free on a property near Holtwood a year ago.

It's unclear where that one came from, but the theory is it escaped from an enclosure somewhere in the southern end of the county.

The men who captured the giant boar in Texas last month reportedly are keeping it in a pen, while they decide what to do with it.