A fledgling owl was recently rescued at the Carlisle Army War College after the groundskeeper found it in a stream.

The groundskeeper, Eric, got a laundry basket and scooped the owl out of the water and took it to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, according to the wildlife habitat's Facebook page. 

The owl was skinny and wet, and it's unclear how long the owl was in the water, Raven Ridge said in the Facebook post.

As of Thursday afternoon, the owl is dry and has been given food and water, and is resting in an incubator.

The fledgling will be raised alongside other horned owls at the wildlife center, alongside an adult horned owl foster named Pharoah.

Raven Ridge owl

The baby owl on the right was recently rescued and taken to the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center. The baby will be raised alongside Pharoah, the horned owl on the left. Pharoah is the education and foster parent for horned owls at the wildlife center.

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