Doe tags 1

Josette Johnson processes doe tag applications at the Lancaster County Treasurer's Office.

Pennsylvania’s “pink envelope” season begins Monday.

That’s the first day county treasurer’s offices across the state will begin accepting applications for antlerless deer licenses, which must be submitted in special, pink envelopes.

Which means if you want your application to be in a treasurer’s office first thing Monday morning, you should plan on mailing it Friday.

There are 903,000 antlerless licenses up for grabs for the coming fall’s hunting seasons. That’s up from the 838,000 issued last year.

Wildlife Management Unit 5B, which covers all but a tiny sliver of northeast Lancaster County, has 67,000 licenses allocated – up from 58,000 last year.

The popular WMU 2G, which covers much of the northcentral region where many hunters have camps – and where competition for antlerless licenses is always high - has 26,000 tags this year, which is down from 30,000 last year.

All licenses are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, until the allocations set for each of the state’s 23 WMUs run out. A hunter can receive up to three licenses, except in WMUs 5C, 5D and 2B, where there is no tag limit.

To apply for the first round of licenses, a hunter living in Pennsylvania should fill out the application that came with his or her hunting license, put it in one of the special pink envelopes issued by license agents - along with a check for $6.90 - and mail it to a county treasurer’s office.

Applications can be mailed to any county treasurer. They do not have to be sent to the office in the county where a hunter intends to hunt.

Only one application per hunter can be submitted in this first round.

Nonresidents of Pennsylvania can submit their first applications beginning Monday, July 15.

Applications for the second round of antlerless licenses will be accepted by treasurers beginning Aug. 5, and the third round will begin Aug. 19.

Any tags left after the three rounds will be available for sale over the counter at treasurer’s offices beginning Aug. 26 for WMUs 5C, 5D and 2B, and Oct. 7 for all other units.