Stars falls from nest [hanover eagle]

Stars fell from the nest Tuesday, June 18, around 11:37 a.m.

One of two bald eaglets featured in a live broadcast of their Hanover, York County, nest was knocked out of the nest when one of its parents returned with a fish on Tuesday.

HDOnTap — a website also known for its livestreams of the Middle Creek snow geese and the black bear den, among others — caught the fall.

Watch the video below:

Several people, including Karen Lippy, of the York Audubon Society, went to look for Stars. 

Lippy said Stars wasn't on the ground and she was hopeful that Stars was OK. Lippy said in a Facebook post that it's difficult to see a brown eagle among the trees.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends people not interfere with eagles, especially in their fledgling state because human intervention could cause disruption and distress for the birds.

On its Facebook page, the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association noted that one in seven bald eagles fledges early, and they often spend several days on the ground before successfully taking flight.

Stripes, the other fledgling, is likely to leave the nest within the next couple of days, according to Theresa Kyte, content and community coordinator for HDOnTap.

This story is ongoing. Check back for updates.