Conestoga Valley High School freshman Casey Kaufhold won the gold medal in the Women’s Recurve division and set a new world record at the World Archery Indoor World Series GT Open on Sunday in Luxembourg.

Although she is only 14, Kaufhold competed against a field of many of the best female Olympic recurve archers of all ages from all over the world.

Kaufhold led her division from the beginning to the end of the three-day tournament. Her qualifying score of 589 out of a possible 600 not only was the best score among all Women’s Recurve competitors, it also set a new world record for her age class, 17 and under.

The qualifying round consists of shooting 60 arrows at a bull’s-eye target with scoring rings, at a distance of 18 meters (19.7 yards). The half-dollar-sized ring in the very center of that target is worth a maximum 10 points.

After qualifying, Kaufhold then entered a series of head-to-head matches in a bracket-style competition in which winners advance and losers are eliminated.

In the matches, each archer shoots three arrows into a target. The winning score from that end earns that archer two set points. A tie earns each archer one set point.

The first archer to win six set points wins the match.

If the archers are tied at five set points, there is a one arrow shoot-off, where the arrow that’s closest to dead center wins.

Kaufhold won three of her matches by scores of 6-0. She won her fourth match by a score of 6-2, which earned her a spot in the gold-medal match.

In the dramatic medal match, Kaufhold and Bayardo Gabriela of the Netherlands tied at five points each, so they went to a pressure-packed, one-arrow shoot-off. Kaufhold’s final shot was nearly dead center, and she won the gold medal.

Kaufhold is the daughter of East Lampeter Township’s Rob and Carole Kaufhold, owners of Lancaster Archery Supply near Smoketown.

Despite her young age, Kaufhold is considered one of the leading archers to make the U.S. Olympic Team that will travel to Tokyo for the 2020 games.

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The selection process for that team, which usually consists of three female archers and three male archers, begins next summer.

Kaufhold plans to compete in several high-level international archery tournaments as she prepares for the Olympic qualification process.