PSU Football Media Day

Former Warwick QB Grayson Kline, now plays tight end, on the field for Penn State Football Media Day at Beaver Stadium in State College Saturday August 3, 2019.

Nearly 150 Lancaster-Lebanon League alums are only college football rosters at 47 different programs in the 2019 season. Of those players, about 30 are starters or are seeing regular action off the bench or on special teams. Those names are below. The list is organized alphabetically by L-L school.


  • Lucas Bush (Annville-Cleona), redshirt junior, d-lineman, Millersville University
  • Connor Williams (Annville-Cleona), freshman defensive end, Lebanon Valley College

Cedar Crest:

  • Chad Ryland (Cedar Crest), sophomore, kicker, Eastern Michigan University
  • Evan Horn (Cedar Crest), junior, safety, University of New Hampshire
  • Nick Ebling-Stout (Cedar Crest), freshman d-lineman, Bloomsburg University
  • Garrett De Bien (Cedar Crest), junior defensive end, Slippery Rock University
  • Logan Horn (Cedar Crest), freshman, quarterback, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Cole Laney (Cedar Crest), redshirt freshman, tight end, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Alex Flocken (Cedar Crest), senior o-lineman, Juniata College
  • Gage Ocker (Cedar Crest), freshman quarterback, Lock Haven University
  • Kobe Bolanos (Cedar Crest), senior defensive back, Stevenson University
  • Nate Shaeffer (Cedar Crest), freshman, center/long-snapper, Lebanon Valley College
  • Justice Belleman (Cedar Crest), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Jordan Greeninger (Cedar Crest), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Alex Progin (Cedar Crest), defender, Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Brandon Showers (Cedar Crest), defender, Thaddeus Stevens College


  • Brady Maxwell (Cocalico), junior d-lineman, Mount Union (Ohio) College
  • Brandon Brubaker (Cocalico), sophomore d-tackle, Lebanon Valley College

Conestoga Valley:

  • Jose Barbon (Conestoga Valley) redshirt freshman, wide receiver, Temple University
  • Yodhe Desta (Conestoga Valley), freshman, lineman, Long Island University
  • CJ Ballard (Conestoga Valley), freshman o-lineman, McDaniel College
  • Eric Graff (Conestoga Valley), junior d-lineman, Widener University


  • Zion Gibbs (Donegal), freshman running back, Stevenson University
  • Gregory Chrysler (Donegal), junior linebacker, Wilkes University


  • Tyler Horst (Elco), redshirt-sophomore, fullback, Bloomsburg University
  • Darian Ulrich (Elco), freshman cornerback, Alvernia University
  • Jaron Ulrich (Elco), freshman wide receiver, Alvernia University
  • Jon Bopp (Elco), freshman offensive lineman, Keystone College
  • Andrew Olson (Elco), junior wide receiver, Lebanon Valley College
  • Kyle Knight (Elco), redshirt-sophomore, quarterback, Lock Haven University
  • Ryan Eshleman (Elco), redshirt freshman tight end, Liberty University


  • Cade Robinson (Elizabethtown), freshman safety, Liberty University
  • David Shank (Elizabethtown) sophomore, kicker/punter, Shippensburg University
  • Logan Yohn (Elizabethtown), redshirt sophomore d-back, Bloomsburg University
  • Dylan Sweger (Elizabethtown), freshman tight end, Juniata College
  • Grant Gaumer (Elizabethtown), sophomore cornerback Lebanon Valley College
  • Zach Kreider (Elizabethtown), freshman o-lineman, Lock Haven
  • John Bender (Elizabethtown), senior defensive lineman, Wilkes University


  • Kyle Sadorf (Ephrata), junior o-lineman, Geneva College
  • Aturez Ramirez-Guzman (Ephrata), freshman o-lineman, Lebanon Valley College

Garden Spot:

  • Ethan Jones (Garden Spot), senior left tackle, Albright University
  • Mack Focht (Garden Spot), sophomore wide receiver, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Cam Roth (Garden Spot), sophomore, quarterback/wide receiver, Grove City College
  • Austin Wanner (Garden Spot), sophomore outside linebacker, Grove City College
  • Zebulon Fisher (Garden Spot), freshman wide receiver, Juniata College
  • Travis Fischer (Garden Spot), junior inside linebacker, Lebanon Valley College


  • Evan Pritchard (Hempfield) sophomore, punter, Davidson (NC) University
  • David Martin-Robinson (Hempfield) redshirt freshman, wide receiver, Temple University
  • Riley Good (Hempfield), freshman, d-lineman, Shippensburg University
  • Darien Ressler (Hempfield), freshman, wide receiver, Shippensburg University
  • Tyrell Wickersham (Hempfield), senior, wide receiver, Millersville University
  • Christian Shepperson (Hempfield), freshman d-lineman, Millersville University
  • Mark Himmelsbach (Hempfield), sophomore quarterback, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Tim Forry (Hempfield), freshman, offensive lineman, Grove City College
  • Adrian Cruz (Hempfield), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Trevor Jackson (Hempfield), Thaddeus Stevens College


  • Collin “Bear” Shank (Lampeter-Strasburg), redshirt-junior quarterback, Millersville University
  • Todd Shelley (Lampeter-Strasburg), sophomore quarterback, Albright University
  • Jackson Eckman (Lampeter-Strasburg), freshman o-lineman, Alvernia University
  • Cameron Niemeyer (Lampeter-Strasburg), sophomore wide receiver, Lebanon Valley College
  • Joey Underwood (Lampeter-Strasburg), freshman tight end, Lebanon Valley College
  • Peyton Denlinger (Lampeter-Strasburg), sophomore kicker, McDaniel College

Lancaster Catholic:

  • Nassir Weaver (Lancaster Catholic), redshirt senior running back, Slippery Rock University
  • CJ Zimmerman (Lancaster Catholic), sophomore linebacker, Alvernia University
  • Malkam Lawrence (Lancaster Catholic), freshman running back, Delaware Valley University
  • Peyton Snopek (Lancaster Catholic), sophomore d-lineman, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Will Koenig (Lancaster Catholic), freshman defensive back, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Quincy Clark (Lancaster Catholic), sophomore running back, King’s College
  • Shane O’Leary (Lancaster Catholic), sophomore, offensive lineman, Randolph-Macon College
  • Philip Bomberger (Lancaster Catholic), freshman wide receiver, Randolph-Macon College


  • Khalique Washington (Lebanon), junior o-lineman, Southern Mississippi
  • Franklin Checo (Lebanon), defender, Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Christian Manzolillo (Lebanon), running back, Keystone College
  • Jahlil Young (Lebanon), freshman wide receiver, Mansfield University (sprint football)
  • Philip Hillesheim (Lebanon), freshman wide receiver, Rochester Community and Technical College
  • Zakee Sailsman (Lebanon), freshman QB, Rochester Community and Technical College

Manheim Central:

  • Derek Adams (Manheim Central) senior punter, Kent State University
  • Tyler Flick (Manheim Central), freshman linebacker, Colgate University
  • Tyler Simon (Manheim Central), r-freshman, linebacker, Shippensburg University
  • Gunnar Royer (Manheim Central), junior, long-snapper/d-lineman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Jake Novak (Manheim Central), wide receiver, freshman, Kutztown University
  • Kody Kegarise (Manheim Central), junior quarterback Lebanon Valley College
  • Tyler Lutz (Manheim Central), junior inside linebacker Lebanon Valley College
  • Hunter Hess (Manheim Central), freshman kicker, Lock Haven
  • Isaac Perron (Manheim Central), freshman wide receiver, McDaniel College

Manheim Township:

  • Luke Emge (Manheim Township), sophomore, QB, Harvard
  • Xavier Roman (Manheim Township), r-freshman, wide receiver, Shippensburg University
  • A.J. McCloud (Manheim Township), junior d-lineman, Millersville University
  • Alexander Wade (Manheim Township), redshirt-sophomore d-back, Seton Hill University
  • Rece Bender (Manheim Township) sophomore wide receiver/kick returner East Stroudsburg University
  • Jack Rodenberger (Manheim Township), freshman, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Hilton Ridley (Manheim Township), freshman, wide receiver, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Drake Puffenbarger (Manheim Township), r-freshman, d-lineman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Ethan Hurst (Manheim Township), sophomore d-lineman, Juniata College
  • Anthony Chapparo (Manheim Township), defender, Thaddeus Stevens College
  • James Starer (Manheim Township), defender, Thaddeus Stevens College


  • Kyaire Bynum (McCaskey), junior linebacker, Johnson C. Smith University
  • Brandon Allen (McCaskey), redshirt-junior, wide receiver, Towson University
  • Noah Santiago (McCaskey), freshman free safety, Alvernia University
  • Omar Dejesus (McCaskey), freshman defensive back, King’s College
  • Pablo Beltran (McCaskey), freshman outside linebacker, Lebanon Valley College
  • Jaime Rodriguez-Vega (McCaskey), redshirt-freshman defensive back, Lock Haven University
  • Orlando Vazquez (McCaskey), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Ohwop Wilson (McCaskey), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Jordae Grove (McCaskey), Thaddeus Stevens College

Northern Lebanon:

  • George Thompson (Northern Lebanon), junior center Lebanon Valley College
  • Nick Goodyear (Northern Lebanon), freshman offensive tackle, Lebanon Valley College


  • Alex Gooden (Octorara) senior running back, Bloomsburg University
  • Jude Unitis (Octorara), freshman tight end, Misericordia University

Pequea Valley:

  • Connor Horst (Pequea Valley), junior linebacker, Muhlenberg College
  • Gabe Allgyer (Pequea Valley), senior linebacker, Wilkes University
  • Ryan Smith (Pequea Valley), freshman, linebacker, Thaddeus Stevens College


  • Ben Martin (Solanco), sophomore linebacker, Lincoln University

Penn Manor:

  • Casey McCollum (Penn Manor), freshman, o-lineman, Lafayette College
  • Zach Banta (Penn Manor), freshman punter/tight end, Millersville University
  • Grant Gale (Penn Manor), junior wide receiver, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Ben Wright (Penn Manor), sophomore d-lineman, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Cole Heckaman (Penn Manor), sophomore linebacker, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Keaton Eachus (Penn Manor), freshman o-lineman, Juniata College
  • Evann Jones (Penn Manor), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Paisun Harris (Penn Manor), Thaddeus Stevens College
  • Camron Serrano (Penn Manor), Thaddeus Stevens College


  • Grayson Kline (Warwick),redshirt-freshman tight end, Penn State University
  • Will Mobley (Warwick), r-sophomore, kicker, Temple University
  • Hayden Rucci (Warwick), freshman tight end, University of Wisconsin
  • Nick Coomer (Warwick), freshman d-tackle, University of Delaware
  • Tyler Melhorn (Warwick), senior tight end, Lebanon Valley College
  • Tyler Gerhart (Warwick), junior outside linebacker Lebanon Valley College
  • Dakota Johnson-Ortiz (Warwick), junior offensive guard, Lebanon Valley College
  • Tyler Borg (Lititz Christian - played for Warwick through co-op), redshirt-sophomore tight end


  • Justin Weller (Wilson), redshirt-sophomore wide receiver, Penn State University
  • Austin Rosa (Wilson), redshirt senior, linebacker, Rutgers
  • Jon Fox (Wilson), senior linebacker, Bucknell University
  • Alex Twiford (Wilson), junior tight end, Bucknell University
  • Foday Jalloh (Wilson), sophomore linebacker, Central Connecticut State
  • Leo Quigley (Wilson), redshirt sophomore linebacker, Central Connecticut State
  • Iggy Reynoso (Wilson), sophomore, linebacker, Howard University
  • Isiah Gilmore (Wilson), freshman, defensive back, Shippensburg University
  • Zac Button (Wilson), redshirt senior, outside linebacker, Millersville University
  • Nicholas Borelli (Wilson), junior kicker, Millersville University
  • Nick Johnson (Wilson), freshman linebacker, Millersville University
  • Michael Kline (Wilson), freshman o-lineman, California U of PA
  • Ryan Silvious (Wilson), freshman o-lineman, California U of PA
  • Isaiah Reigel (Wilson), junior defensive end, East Stroudsburg University
  • Mason McElroy (Wilson), sophomore, wide receiver, Kutztown University
  • Malachi Clore (Wilson), sophomore running back, Wilkes University

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