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GETTYSBURG — Mount Calvary Christian wasn’t out to simply make a good showing in Tuesday’s District Three Class 1A girls soccer championship match against a Fairfield team that had been there before.

Despite being one of the smallest schools in the district, and missing two players to the school’s volleyball team — which also played for a district title on Tuesday — the Chargers were out to win.

Even if it wasn’t meant to be, Mount Calvary coach Kim Schmitkons could not have been more proud after Fairfield topped the Chargers 2-0.

“The girls came out to give their best effort and the way we play the season that effort is to honor the God that has given us the talent and opportunity,” the coach said. “With everything going on in this world right now every game is an opportunity to do what we love to do.

“We don’t want to take it for granted and that’s what the girls were here for — to give everything. I think they did that and they worked hard.”

Using only 11 players all game, the Chargers not only kept the Green Knights at bay in the first half, but held a 2-0 edge in shots on goal.

“We held them at 0-0 at the half and that was an accomplishment. Fairfield is an extremely talented and effective team,” Schmitkons said of the Knights, who won the PIAA title in 2016.

Even Fairfield's coaches noticed, and after the trophy presentation, came over to tell the Chargers how well they played.

Although negated in the first half, the Knights’ speed came out in the second. Erin Gregg took the ball through the midfield and past the defense. Mount Calvary keeper Marlie Niedwick charged out and got a piece of the ball, but the rebound bounced off Gregg and went in, 3:27 into the half.

A little more than 20 minutes later, Fairfield’s Emma Dennison touched a Naia Roberts feed past Niedwick and scored.

“We got a little unfortunate on that first goal, the ricochet went right where it needed to for Fairfield,” Schmitkons said. “And their second goal was taking advantage of quick speed up top.

“I can’t fault our girls in any way, and I think this has been a tremendous experience to be here. I am grateful for it and proud of the effort they showed.”