Wrestling shoes

Compiled by Dave Byrne

Teams listed alphabetically by section, not in order of predicted finish.



COACH — Barry Spohn, 9th year

LAST YEAR — 0-6 in Section One, 1-15

KEY LOSSES — Barry Breidegan, Jarell Howard-Griffin.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Ross Fisher (22-13), Sr. Austin Olan-Torres (6-13), So. Tayte Bruckhart (7-10).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — So. Austin Bohr, So. Nick Stout, Fr. Ryan Scicchitano.

OUTLOOK — Moving to Section Two is, “... a little better fit for us,” Spohn says. “We’ll be a little more competitive in dual meets than we were.”


COACH — Troy Hoffman, 1st year

LAST YEAR — 3-4, 5-8

KEY LOSSES — Josiah Boyer.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Justin Shelly (24-12), Sr. David Rich (13-13), Sr. Scott Fox (6-4),  Sr. Charlie Alessi (10-14), Jr.  Ethan Carl (6-3), Jr. Dimitri Gonzalez (9-16), Jr. Blake Andrews (17-14), So. Luke Snyder (12-12), So. Cameron Olson (16-18).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — Hoffman, who coached in the E-town Boys Club elementary program for six years before coaching the Bears Jr. Hi. program for 10 years.

After a year out of coaching, he asked for consideration for the open position at the high school. Having been hired, he invited long-time (32 years) head coach  Mike Sernoffsky back to be his assistant.

OUTLOOK — Hoffman should enjoy the luxury — these days — of a full lineup. But there is no depth, so staying healthy is paramount.


COACH — Josh Clair, 12th year

LAST YEAR — 1-6, 3-17

KEY LOSSES — Dakota Rohrbaugh. Jr. Jordan Zahm out for season with injury.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Austin Jones (30-7), Sr. Cameron Terry (32-12), Sr. Tyler Mentzer (25-14), Sr. Josh Harple (5-17), Jr. Kelvin Cruz (4-13), Jr. Tyler Hart (6-18).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — So. Kevin Gordon, So. Nate Casteneda, Fr. ALlen Swofford, Fr. Drew Myers.

OUTLOOK — Jones, an L-L champion, Terry (L-L 3rd) and Mentzer (L-L 6th) provide leadership for an otherwise young group of Mountaineers.


COACH — Adam Bunting, 2nd year

LAST YEAR — 4-3, 7-10

KEY LOSSES — Chance Norris, Dan Swarr, Tyler Marburger.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Gary Clark (25-12), Sr. Devon Lewis (6-8), Jr.  Christian Schilling (27-17), Jr. Connor Finkey (16-4), Jr. Nate Smucker (16-18), Jr. Brandon Sabasino (7-19), Marc Carson (1-6), So. Jacob Zook (4-12).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — Fr. Josh Groff, Fr. Gunner Gehr, Fr. Drew Finkey, Fr. Jeffrey Harley, Fr. Corey Leahman.

OUTLOOK — “We lost three very talented studs,” Bunting says, “but we have three returning district qualifiers (Clark, Schilling, Finkey) as lineup anchors.

“If the returnees who showed promise last year continue to improve and the young bucks can get up to speed quickly, we should be very competitive.”


COACH — Brad Heeter, 11th year

LAST YEAR — 2-5, 6-11

KEY LOSSES — Connor Feister, Jake Kelly, Cameron King, Logan Penry.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Josh Beiler (8-2), Jr. Mason Blank (15-10), Jr. Michael Hazboun (9-11), Jr. Michael Kuhns (10-10), Jr. Tyler Dougherty (6-10), Jr. Jeff Elser (8-13), Jr. Ramon Estevez (7-12), Jr. Owen Hess (3-3), Jr. Cody Reiff (2-5), So. John Franklin (12-5).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — So. Jared Pivec, So. Tyler Phenegar, So. Connor Penry, So. Ezra Mellinger, So. Jack Eckman, Fr. Andrew Bliss.

OUTLOOK — Time for the junior class to step up and take charge.


COACH — Vaughn Black, 4th year

LAST YEAR — 0-7, 4-21

KEY LOSSES — Ben Kutz, Lucas Imm, Alex Hartman, Tommy Blair, Johnathan Hartman.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Trever Armpriester (9-16), Sr. Angel Borges (1-3), Sr. Tim Spangler (9-19), Jr. Jose Barrios (24-9), Jr. Nicolas Bradley (13-21), So. Dallin Ocasio (6-6).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — So. Jacob Marderness, So. Carlos Cruz, So. Mark Tinto.

OUTLOOK — With seven juniors and six sophs, the Cedars may take a step back in their pursuit of a competitive program. A small step.


COACH — Troy Sunderland, 8th year

LAST YEAR — 6-1, 13-5

KEY LOSSES — Jared Siegrist, Caleb Enck, Brock Fittery, Sam Martin, Connor Pavlik, Kyle Zeamer.

KEY RETURNING WRESTLERS — Sr. Elliot Martin (18-10), Sr. Isaiah Mejias (9-15), Sr. Connor Miller (2-3), Jr. Zack Zeamer (30-11) , Jr. Ryan Kreider (13-19), Jr. Garrett Fittery (16-12), Jr. Ryan McKee (16-17), So. Cade Zeamer (15-13).

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS — So. Logan Hess, So. Austin Sauder, So. Tyler Dougherty,  Fr. Will Betancourt, Fr. Haydn Shreiner.  

OUTLOOK — The Barons being the Barons, they will find a way to overcome the loss of six seniors, and find it quickly. Betancourt’s  eligibiilty says freshman, but he’s already wrestling like an upperclassman.