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FILE PHOTO: The two adult bald eagles in the Eagle Cam nest near Hanover, York Couty, survey their two eggs Monday morning.

The Hanover Bald Eagle camera will start a week from today, according to HDOnTap, the livestreaming website responsible for several wildlife-based programs. 

The official stream will start Wednesday, Dec. 18 at noon.

This link will be active when the streaming starts. For now, it shows a web page with a countdown timer.

The eagles — who were named Liberty and Freedom by readers in a LancasterOnline poll in 2015 — have been an internet attraction since the live broadcasting Eagle Cam debuted

There is a Facebook group for the eagles with over 32,000 members that shares photos, memes and questions about the birds.

Last year, Liberty and Freedom hatched two chicks. As of now, HDOnTap says it is unsure of the future events with the nest.

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