Warwick’s Caleb Goss snaps the ball and engages Hempfield’s Aidan Power on the line of scrimmage at Hempfield High School on Friday, Oct. 30, 2020.

Here are the Lancaster-Lebanon Quarterback/Coaches football award-winners and all-star lists for the 2020 season.

It is listed by section, first with offensive all-stars, followed by defensive all-stars. First- and second-team all-stars and honorable mentions are included.

Section One:

Outstanding Back of the Year: Tanner Hess, Hempfield

Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Ethan Ashcroft, Wilson

Wide Receiver of the Year: Anthony Ivey, Manheim Township

Offensive Back of the Year: Tanner Hess, Hempfield

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Ethan Ashcroft, Wilson

Coach of the Year: Doug Dahms, Wilson

First team offense (name, position, school):

Evan Clark, QB, Manheim Township

Tanner Hess, RB, Hempfield

Cade Clancy, RB, Manheim Township

Jadyn Jones, RB, Wilson

Isaiah Stoltzfus, RB, Penn Manor

Troy Corson, WR, Wilson

Anthony Ivey, WR, Manheim Township

Isaac Hostetter, WR, Penn Manor

Ethan Heisey, WR, Cedar Crest

Corey Powers, TE, Wilson

Trent Maus, C, Wilson

Ethan Ashcroft, G, Wilson

Jorge Duran-Perez, G, Manheim Township

Jordan Martin, G, Penn Manor

Will Alexander, T, Hempfield

Matt Schrufer, T, Wilson

Davion Scarborough, ATH, McCaskey

Jack Wagner, PK, Wilson

Mason Lenart, KR, Wilson

Second team offense:

Kaleb Brown, QB, Wilson

Mason Lenart, RB, Wilson

Aadyn Richards, RB, Cedar Crest

Jadin Jimenez, WR, Hempfield

Isaac Burks, WR, McCaskey

David Almodovar, WR, Hempfield

Eddie McDevitt, WR, Manheim Township

Gordy Hoover, TE, Hempfield

Aidan Power, C, Hempfield

Ethan Lane, G, McCaskey

Carter Rusnak, G, Manheim Township

Raul Ramos, T, McCaskey

Wes Hoffman, T, Manheim Township

Max Scipioni, ATH, Cedar Crest

Sam Hershey, PK, McCaskey

Spencer Biscoe, PK, Hempfield

Eddie McDevitt, KR, Manheim Township

Honorable mention offense:

Luke Braas, QB, Penn Manor

Cameron Harbaugh, QB, Hempfield

Chris Danz, QB, Cedar Crest

Nate Brightbill, WR, Cedar Crest

Michael O’Hara, C, Manheim Township

Chase Walters, T, Wilson

Matt O’Gorman, PK, Manheim Township

Defensive Back of the Year: Troy Corson, Wilson

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Ben Weaver, Penn Manor

Linebacker of the Year: Cade Clancy, Manheim Township

First team defense:

Jeff Colacin, DT, Wilson

Charlie Newman, DT, Manheim Township

Gordy Hoover, DT, Hempfield

Cade Clancy, ILB, Manheim Township

Devon Shorter, ILB, Hempfield

Corey Powers, OLB, Wilson

Trayvon Zerbe, OLB, Cedar Crest

Troy Corson, DB, Wilson

Donovan McAlister, DB, McCaskey

Dan Engel, DB, Manheim Township

Erik Hinkle, DB, Penn Manor

Brayden Koehler, DB, Cedar Crest

Shaun Hammer, DB, Hempfield

Ben Weaver, DE, Penn Manor

Ethan Capitano, DE, Wilson

Luke Kelley, DE, Manheim Township

Max Jesberger, LS, Penn Manor

Kaleb Brown, P, Wilson

Second team defense:

Matthew Ruiz, DT, Penn Manor

Elian Rodriguez, DT, Wilson

Zak Claman, DT, Cedar Crest

Anthony Droege, ILB, Hempfield

Aadyn Richards, ILB, Cedar Crest

Michael DeJesus, ILB, McCaskey

Nate Roeder, OLB, Hempfield

Hunter Hoffman, OLB, Penn Manor

Cameron Jones, DB, Wilson

Evan Clark, DB, Manheim Township

Eli Rodriguez, DB, McCaskey

Kyle Flowers, DE, Cedar Crest

Jose Garcia, DE, McCaskey

Cameron Jones, LS, Wilson

Sam Hershey, P, McCaskey

Honorable mention defense:

Ethan Capitano, DT, Wilson

Gavin Lenart, ILB, Wilson

Ty Washington, ILB, Manheim Township

Zak Claman, ILB, Manheim Township

Jadyn Jones, OLB, Wilson

Shamir Alberto, OLB, Manheim Township

Austin Day, LS, Manheim Township

Jadin Jimenez, KR, Hempfield

Isaac Burks, KR, McCaskey

Luke Braas, P, Penn Manor

Matt O’Gorman, P, Manheim Township

Nolan Groff, P, Cedar Crest

Section Two:

Outstanding Back of the Year: Caleb Schmitz, Warwick

Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Nolan Rucci, Warwick

Wide Receiver of the Year: Caleb Schmitz, Warwick

Offensive Back of the Year: Joey McCracken, Warwick

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Nolan Rucci, Warwick

Coach of the Year: Bob Locker, Warwick; Gerad Novak, Conestoga Valley

First team offense (name, position, school):

Joey McCracken, QB, Warwick

Colton Miller, RB, Warwick

Steven Flinton, RB, Cocalico

Booper Johnson, RB, Conestoga Valley

Caleb Schmitz, WR, Warwick

Owen Sensenig, WR, Manheim Central

Owen Pappas, WR, Manheim Central

Zach Fisher, WR, Conestoga Valley

Thatcher Miller, TE, Warwick

Seth Harnish, C, Solanco

Jett Kelly, G, Elizabethtown

Justin Dagen, G, Solanco

Nolan Rucci, T, Warwick

Ben Bearinger, T, Cocalico

Patrick Gilhool, ATH, Elizabethtown

Logan Shull, PK, Manheim Central

Caleb Schmitz, KR, Warwick

Owen Pappas, KR, Manheim Central

Second team offense:

Judd Novak, QB, Manheim Central

Mason St. Clair, QB, Solanco

Ronnie Fulton, RB, Solanco

Anthony Bourassa, RB, Cocalico

Riley Drager, RB, Elizabethtown

Elijah Cunningham, WR, Solanco

Adam Martin, WR, Warwick

Jaiyell Plowden, WR, Conestoga Valley

Wes Borden, WR, Manheim Central

Broc Diem, TE, Warwick

Carter May, C, Conestoga Valley

Ryan Brubaker, G, Cocalico

Matt Coomer, G, Warwick

Billy McNitt, T, Elizabethtown

Simeon Teklu, T, Conestoga Valley

Nate Heck, PK, Conestoga Valley

Jaiyell Plowden, KR, Conestoga Valley

Honorable Mention offense:

Carson Nash, QB, Cocalico

Robert Castagna, RB, Solanco

Jared Stauffer, C, Cocalico

Caleb Goss, C, Warwick

Ryland Fittery, C, Manheim Central

Conner Sprout, G, Solanco

Noah Admassu, G, Conestoga Valley

Damien Wolf, T, Cocalico

Tanner Haines, PK, Warwick

Trent McDowell, PK, Solanco

Alex Mellinger, PK, Cocalico

Ronnie Fulton, KR, Solanco

Steven Flinton, KR, Cocalico

Defensive Back of the Year: Caleb Schmitz, Warwick

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Ben Bearinger, Cocalico

Linebacker of the Year: Seth Harnish, Solanco

First team defense:

Tyler Fahnestock, IL, Manheim Central

Charles Drain, IL, Cocalico

Charles Janvrin, IL, Conestoga Valley

Seth Harnish, ILB, Solanco

Kaden Martin, ILB, Conestoga Valley

Broc Diem, OLB, Warwick

Owen Pappas, ILB, Manheim Central

Caleb Schmitz, DB, Warwick

Tanner Haines, DB, Warwick

Mason Weaver, DB, Manheim Central

Cooper McCloud, DB, Conestoga Valley

Zach Fisher, DB, Conestoga Valley

Riley Drager, DB, Elizabethtown

Jett Kelly, DE, Elizabethtown

Ben Bearinger, DE, Cocalico

Nolan Rucci, DE, Warwick

Billy McNitt, LS, Elizabethtown

Nate Reed, P, Manheim Central

Second team defense:

Caleb Goss, IL, Warwick

Justin Black, IL, Elizabethtown

John Sankus, IL, Solanco

Luke Angstadt, ILB, Cocalico

Aaron Hess, ILB, Warwick

Bobby Walters, OLB, Elizabethtown

Austin Vang, OLB, Cocalico

Josiah Forren, DB, Solanco

Adam Martin, DB, Warwick

Ethan Brown, DB, Cocalico

Elijah Cunningham, DB, Solanco

Thatcher Miller, DE, Warwick

Justin Dagen, DE, Solanco

Damien Wolf, DE, Cocalico

Charlie Sipel, LS, Manheim Central

Ethan Brown, LS, Cocalico

Ryan Smith, LS, Solanco

Mason St. Clair, P, Solanco

Honorable Mention defense:

Rocco Daugherty, ILB, Manheim Central

Josh Moore, ILB, Manheim Central

Desmond Taylor, OLB, Warwick

Michael Burnett, OLB, Conestoga Valley

Johnny Morales, OLB, Solanco

Josue Marente, DE, Conestoga Valley

Zach Fisher, LS, Conestoga Valley

Isaac Thomas, P, Elizabethtown

Nate Heck, P, Conestoga Valley

Section Three:

Outstanding Back of the Year: Sean McTaggart, Lampeter-Strasburg

Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Zac Shelley, Lampeter-Strasburg

Offensive Back of the Year: Sean McTaggart, Lampeter-Strasburg

Wide Receiver of the Year: Alex Rufe, Lebanon

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Zac Shelley, Lampeter-Strasburg

Coach of the Year: John Manion, Lampeter-Strasburg

First team offense (Name, position, school):

Sean McTaggart, QB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Matt Brown, RB, Lebanon

John Dykie, RB, Garden Spot

Alex Knapp, RB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Alex Rufe, WR, Lebanon

Brock Boyer, WR, Ephrata

Austin Stoltzfus, WR, Lampeter-Strasburg

Nahjeir Aikens, WR, Lancaster Catholic

Beau Heyser, TE, Lampeter-Strasburg

Ashton Spahr, C, Lampeter-Strasburg

Luke Shirk, G, Garden Spot

Neil Eckman, G, Lampeter-Strasburg

Zac Shelly, T, Lampeter-Strasburg

Owen Kling, T, Donegal

Walker Martin, PK, Garden Spot

Alex Knapp, KR, Lampeter-Strasburg

Andre Weidman, ATH, Ephrata

Second team offense:

Isaiah Rodriguez, QB, Lebanon

Richard Greer, RB, Ephrata

Nevin Roman, RB, Lancaster Catholic

Garrett Blake, RB, Donegal

Taj London, WR, Ephrata

Mason McClair, WR, Lancaster Catholic

Joel Martin, WR, Garden Spot

Owen Morrongiello, TE, Ephrata

Camren Eberhart, C, Lebanon

Jaden Deitzler, G, Lebanon

Joel Grillo, G, Donegal

Nick Del Grande, T, Lampeter-Strasburg

Devin Atkinson, T, Lancaster Catholic

Andrew Reidenbaugh, PK, Lampeter-Strasburg

Taj London, KR, Ephrata

Honorable mention offense:

Jesse Martin, QB, Garden Spot

Drew Harris, RB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Mason Ober, RB, Donegal

Jaxon Weyforth, TE, Lancaster Catholic

Israel Mares, C, Garden Spot

Bryce Mercer, G, Garden Spot

Griffin Snyder, G, Ephrata

Tyler Nelson, T, Ephrata

Synsier Gonzalez, T, Lebanon

Ryan Honberger, PK, Ephrata

Noah Rohrer, PK, Donegal

Daniel Mueller, PK, Lancaster Catholic

Mason McClair, KR, Lancaster Catholic

Defensive Back of the Year: Jesse Martin, Garden Spot

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Parker Owens, Lampeter-Strasburg

Linebacker of the Year: Nick Del Grande, Lampeter-Strasburg

First team defense:

Luke Shirk, IL, Garden Spot

Zac Shelley, IL, Lampeter-Strasburg

Owen Kling, IL, Donegal

Nick Del Grande, ILB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Skyler Sattizahn, ILB, Lebanon

Owen Morrongiello, OLB, Ephrata

Conner Nolt, OLB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Jesse Martin, DB, Garden Spot

Andre Weidman, DB, Ephrata

Brock Boyer, DB, Ephrata

Garrett Blake, DB, Donegal

Parker Owens, DE, Lampeter-Strasburg

Synsier Gonzalez, DE, Lebanon

Devin Atkinson, DE, Lancaster Catholic

Owen Fisher, LS, Donegal

Daniel Mueller, P, Lancaster Catholic

Second team defense:

Jaden Deitzler, IL, Lebanon

Tyler Hurst, IL, Garden Spot

Tyler Nelson, ILB, Ephrata

Tyler Gillenwater, ILB, Garden Spot

Beau Heyser, ILB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Zach Wanous, OLB, Ephrata

Tony Cruz, OLB, Lancaster Catholic

Kaden Harbaugh, DB, Lebanon

Berkeley Wagner, DB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Nevin Roman, DB, Lancaster Catholic

Austin Stoltzfus, DB, Lampeter-Strasburg

James Ellis, DE, Ephrata

Gavin Hawk, DE, Donegal

Zach Wanous, LS, Ephrata

Matthew Carvajal, P, Lebanon

Honorable mention defense:

Joel Grillo, ILB, Donegal

Rafael Quinonez, OLB, Lebanon

Brady Cole, OLB, Lampeter-Strasburg

Cam Wing, DB, Garden Spot

Trent Weaver, DB, Donegal

Mason Scott, LS, Lancaster Catholic

Brock Boyer, P, Ephrata

Garrett Blake P, Donegal

Section Four:

Outstanding Back of the Year: Braden Bohannon, Elco

Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Logan Tice, Elco

Offensive Back of the Year: Braden Bohannon, Elco

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Logan Tice, Elco

Wide Receiver of the Year: Michael Poole, Columbia

Coach of the Year: Jed King, Octorara

First team offense (name, position, school):

Robert Footman, QB, Columbia

Tony Lazar, RB, Pequea Valley

Jake Williams, RB, Elco

Mike Trainor, RB, Octorara

Michael Poole, WR, Columbia

Keegin Zink, WR, Columbia

Bryan Pennypacker, WR, Octorara

Rasheed Beldor, WR, Northern Lebanon

Caleb Rising, TE, Octorara

Ethan Schriver, C, Annville-Cleona

Kaden King, C, Octorara

Logan Tice, G, Elco

Aidan Neary-Ross, G, Octorara

Ben Wargo, T, Elco

Kris Frazier, T, Northern Lebanon

Braden Bohannon, ATH, Elco

Mac Plummer, PK, Annville-Cleona

Mike Trainor, KR, Octorara

Second team offense:

Weston Stoltzfus, QB, Octorara

Steven Rivas, RB, Columbia

Luke Williams, RB, Elco

Rogan Harter, RB, Annville-Cleona

Darnell Tucker, WR, Columbia

Kenny Schaeffer, WR, Annville-Cleona

Carter Rohrer, WR, Pequea Valley

Cody Sky, C, Elco

Aiden Gladfelter, C, Columbia

Kalani Adams, G, Northern Lebanon

Dustin Huber, G, Pequea Valley

David Hershey, T, Columbia

Nate Henson, T, Elco

Chase Maguire, ATH, Annville-Cleona

Rheece Shuey, PK, Elco

Honorable mention offense:

Nate Fisher, QB, Pequea Valley

Conor Leonard, RB, Northern Lebanon

Haydyn Wrigley, RB, Octorara

Carter Rohrer, WR, Pequea Valley

Kenny Schaeffer, WR, Annville-Cleona

Luke Brown, C, Pequea Valley

Colin Daub, G, Elco

Josh Lindsay, G, Annville-Cleona

Logan Wagner, T, Annville-Cleona

Nevin Stoltzfus, PK, Pequea Valley

Defensive Back of the Year: Braden Bohannon, Elco

Defensive Lineman of the Year: David Hershey, Columbia

Linebacker of the Year: Luke Williams, Elco

First team defense:

Logan Tice, IL, Elco

Ben Wargo, IL, Elco

Kaden King, IL, Octorara

Luke Williams, ILB, Elco

Kalani Adams, OLB, Northern Lebanon

Jake Williams, OLB, Elco

Cole Thomas, OLB, Elco

Braden Bohannon, DB, Elco

J’von Collazo, DB, Columbia

Ryan Kernan, DB, Octorara

Ethan Missimer, DB, Annville-Cleona

David Hershey, DE, Columbia

Owen Kahl, DE, Elco

Logan Wagner, DE, Annville-Cleona

Aidan Neary-Ross, DE, Octorara

Mac Plummer, P, Annville-Cleona

Second team defense:

Aiden Gladfelter, IL, Columbia

Hunter Nelson, IL, Annville-Cleona

Steven Rivas, ILB, Columbia

Paulie Murray, ILB, Octorara

Carter Rohrer, OLB, Pequea Valley

Ethan Ebersole, OLB, Northern Lebanon

Nate Shirk, DB, Northern Lebanon

Bryan Pennypacker, DB, Octorara

Demari Simms, DB, Columbia

Weston Stoltzfus, DB, Octorara

Mike Trainor, DB, Octorara

Tony Lazar, DE, Pequea Valley

Luke Brown, DE, Pequea Valley

Ryan Kernan, P, Octorara

Honorable mention defense:

Dustin Huber, ILB, Pequea Valley

Alex Long, ILB, Annville-Cleona

Keegin Zink, OLB, Columbia

Collin Rohrer, OLB, Pequea Valley

Josh Rich, DB, Elco

Tyler Wolfe, DB, Northern Lebanon

Nevin Stoltzfus, P, Pequea Valley

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