Oakland Raiders running back Jalen Richard has decided that none of his kids will be vaccinated, as reported by Samer Kalef at Deadspin.com.

Richard, who played college ball at Southern Mississippi, made his views on vaccinations know through his Twitter account.

Here are some of his tweets on the subject.

Science overwhelmingly disagrees with Richard.

The LNP Editorial board wrote on July 5:

When unvaccinated people live, shop, worship and socialize in a community, they weaken that community’s protection against measles. They put at risk those who for genuine medical reasons cannot get vaccinated.

The editorial also pointed out:

About 1 in 5 unvaccinated people in the U.S. who get measles is hospitalized, according to the CDC. And as many as one 1 of every 20 children with measles gets pneumonia, the most common cause of death from measles in young children. Measles also can result in brain swelling and blindness.

Here's a link to information about measles from the CDC.