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A knockout in the third round earned Lancaster boxer Sheldan Supplee (2-0) a championship and a chance to fight again — which is exactly what every boxer in the 2018 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Tournament wants.

With the Central Pennsylvania district championship in hand, the light heavyweight, a Novice, will advance to the regionals and face the light heavyweight champ from Philadelphia on April 21, if one presents.

Supplee, who trains at Finefrock & Stumpf Golden Gloves Center, was also named the Outstanding Boxer of the Night.

Coach Barry Stumpf was clearly pleased by Supplee’s performance Saturday, but also praised Supplee’s opponent, Scranton’s Martin Henehan, calling him “strong” and a “tough kid.”

Stumpf was also impressed by the second local boxer who came home a champion Saturday, Zach Pannell (2-1), who trains at Nye’s Gym in Lancaster.

“He totally outboxed the kid,” Stumpf said of Pannell’s win, by decision, over Deron Elias, who trains at Scranton’s Irish Boxing Club.

Pannell’s coach, Luke Jones, said the 152-pound Novice boxer followed the plan and kept the pressure on for all three rounds.

“The only time you let him breathe is when you move your head to dodge a punch,” Jones said he told Pannell.

Two other boxers from Nye’s weren’t as fortunate. Warwick student Jack Nicholson (0-1), 15, has been training for less than six months. He was matched with Montana Perez, who trains at Harrisburg’s Capital Punishment Boxing Club. Perez comes from a family of boxers and has multiple fights under his belt.

That bout ended less than a minute into the first round. Perez landed a hard body shot, Nicholson got an eight-count, and the ref stopped the fight.

The final Nye’s athlete, Derrick “Hippie” Silva (1-0) dropped out of the tournament due to a broken ankle, Jones said.

Silva wasn’t the only Lancaster athlete to drop out this year. Lancaster City Boxing Club coaches David Rivera and Will Torres pulled several of their fighters, citing the fact that Gloves officials — going against custom — scheduled Lancaster City teammates against each other several times. That, plus miscommunication, left only one Lancaster City boxer, 14-year-old Michael Creary (3-0), in the Central Pennsylvania tournament.

Creary won his 120-pound semifinal on Friday night. But he didn't fight Saturday because Isaias Ortiz (1-2), who trains with Creary, was on the card as his opponent.

The regional championships are set for April 21 in Philadelphia. The card for that event will not be set until after the Philadelphia district tournament ends April 14.

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