Lancaster boxer James Bernadin, right, takes a shot at Kenny Robles on Friday, May 20, 2022, at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena. By unanimous decision, Bernadin exited the ring as the NBA Jr. Welterweight champion.

It’s official.

James Bernadin is, by unanimous decision, the NBA Jr. Welterweight champion.

Fighting at 140 pounds Friday night, the win over Kenny Robles (9-2) felt “awesome,” Bernadin said.

The fight went eight full rounds, a first for Bernadin (7-0-1).

“I was amazed,” he said. “I started good but I finished stronger.”

Heading into the last round at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena, Bernadin did not want to leave things up to the judges.

“I tried to take him out,” Bernadin said.

Robles didn’t go down. But, in the last round of the fight he was bloody.

“It was a very action-packed fight.” said Marc Abrams of fight organizer King’s Promotions. “(Bernadin) hurt Robles badly in the last minute of the fight.”

The judges scored the fight 79-73, 79-73 and 78-74.

On Saturday, Bernadin was feeling no pain. In addition to the belt, and the purse that came with the win, Bernadin’s now rated No. 26 on BoxRec, the official record keeper for boxing.

Bernadin credits his training and coaching team at Lancaster City Boxing Academy for getting him this far — undefeated and now a champion — and for the training that gave him the stamina to go the distance.

That training and momentum will need to continue through the summer because Bernadin’s already lined up for a fight this fall, according to Marshall Kauffman, head of King’s Promotions.

“He will be back Sept. 23 at Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem in a fight that will hopefully be on national television,” Kauffman said.

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