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The suspension of Pennsylvania Golden Gloves franchise holder Lola Cariello ended on March 25, according to David Packer, executive director of Golden Gloves of America.

Cariello returned to her regular duties with Frank Cariello’s Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament and attended the regional championships in Philadelphia April 6.

“I’m just glad to be back.” Cariello said.

The Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament began with bouts in the eastern district on Feb. 23 and on March 9 in the central district in Lancaster.

The state championships, held on April 13, officially ended the 2019 season. Open class state championship winners will make up the Pennsylvania Team that heads to nationals on Sunday.

Coach Barry Stumpf, of Finefrock & Stumpf Golden Gloves Center, is head coach of the national team. Stumpf has been organizing the Lancaster Golden Gloves event for years.

This year, nine bouts were cancelled at the last minute, which, he said, was something he never experienced before.

“I’m just hoping things will be back to normal.” Stumpf said. “It was a hard year with her being suspended.” Cariello’s suspension, imposed by USA Boxing (Golden Gloves is an affiliate group member of USA Boxing) was the result of a hearing in response to a grievance filed by a Pennsylvania official, according to Packer.

Cariello confirmed that the official was Bernard Bruni, and also his wife, Felicia Bruni. The grievance was because of a “denial of the right to participate,” Packer said.

“It’s a standing rule that if an official wants to be National (work National level boxing events) a delegate at the franchise must sign a form.” Packer said.

Multiple sources verified that last year Cariello would not sign the form for Bruni. USA Boxing upheld the Brunis’ complaint and imposed the suspension. Bernard Bruni declined to comment on the record about the matter.

Cariello, who took over the franchise about seven years ago, after her husband, Frank Cariello’s death, said that this year’s Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament has been “a little rough (because) I couldn’t do any of my work.”

But, “everyone just pitched in,” she said. “The outpouring of support, from both coaches and officials, it was phenomenal,” she said. “It made me very proud to be part of the PA Golden Gloves. My husband’s probably beaming down.”

There are 30 Golden Gloves franchises throughout the U.S., Packer said. The Golden Gloves tournament begins at the district level. Winning boxers advance to the regional and state level.

State champions have the chance to compete at the nationals which, historically, has put boxers on the Olympic team and launched professional careers.

This year’s Golden Gloves national tournament will be held Sunday to May 11 at the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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