OFFENSE: Did run the ball reasonably well at times. Overall, though, this was a mess. The QB wasn’t ready, just because of inexperience, to execute the passing game at a high level. I apologize to the football gods for using the term, “at a high level,’’ in this context. Grade: D.

DEFENSE: The second half was better than the first, but the bottom line is simple and straightforward: An astoundingly poor performance against one of the worst offenses in America. Can’t give an F for a win, I guess. Grade: D-minus.

SPECIAL TEAMS: Another big day for the punter. A good day in the return game for K. J. Hamler. The Lions were good and mistake-free in this phase. Grade: B-plus.

COACHING: So much for the whole “1-0 this week,’’ thing. Grade: D-minus.


Overall grade: 66.