On August 17, 1957, Philadelphia Phillies star outfielder Richie Ashburn hit the same fan twice with foul balls in the same at-bat. 

Playing against the New York Giants at Connie Mack Stadium, the first foul ball broke the women's nose. After a brief delay for medical staff to attend to the lady, Ashburn lined the next pitch foul hitting the women as she was being carried off on a stretcher. That ball broke a bone in her leg.

The woman's name was Alice Roth. She was he wife of Philadelphia Bulletin sports editor Earl Roth.

Ashburn and Roth later became friends, as reported by Matt Rappa at thatballsouttahere.com.

Ashburn, who was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, went on to become a beloved Phils announcer.

Here's Ashburn's speech at his Hall of Fame induction.

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