We would all trade virus fears and quarantining for the barrage of severe weather we were hit with last year. For many, this meant hail damage, wind damage, and more. Luckily for everyone, Greenawalt is still performing emergency installations, and has adapted the way it serves you in order to keep you safe. Whether it’s performing non-contact, non-face-to-face inspections, offering digital paperwork and e-signatures, or dropping off shingle samples at your door, Greenawalt is still eager to serve you in the midst of the Coronavirus. If you were impacted by last year’s storms, time is running out to get your free roof replacement. Is this is something you have been putting off? What should you do to get the ball rolling?

Don’t assume your roof is OK

Just because you can’t see a torn or missing shingle or a hole in your roof doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. While hail 2 inches and larger is almost guaranteed to cause visible damage, even hail smaller than a quarter can leave its mark on your asphalt shingles or protective metal flashing. Hail can crack shingles and loosen the granules that form their protective top layer, making them more vulnerable to additional damage in the future from storms or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even the smallest puncture in your roof’s waterproofing layer can allow rainwater through the roof deck and into your attic, causing significant damage. And don’t forget: Hail damage can void the manufacturer’s warranty on your roof.

Consult a professional roofing contractor

Most homeowners lack the safety knowledge and roofing expertise to adequately inspect and repair a roof themselves. In fact, they can actually make matters worse. Choose a contractor who is Haag certified, meaning they have been specifically trained to inspect and assess roof damage. An experienced professional knows the difference between normal wear and tear and the damage caused by hail. They can detect hard-to-find damage, especially on textured roofing materials like dimensional or architectural shingles, and they can spot shallow dents in the outer roofing material that may be deep enough to bruise the waterproofing layer.

Get an inspection

Professional roofing contractors are qualified to work directly with your insurance company to find the best options to get your roof back in shape. Once your roofing contractor inspects your roof, they can determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.

File an insurance claim

If your roofing contractor’s evaluation warrants filing an insurance claim, do it promptly. The insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to inspect the damage and process the claim. Make sure to schedule the adjuster’s visit at a time when your roofing contractor can also be present. An insurance adjuster will follow a home inspection checklist when determining the damage to your roof. Your roofing contractor will represent your interests and ensure that the adjuster is aware of all damages so you are only left paying your deductible. A hailstorm is considered an “act of God” and is covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies, no matter the age of the roof.

Get your roof back in shape

Once your claim is approved, it’s time to review the details of the insurance coverage with your roofing contractor and make sure you understand the work and the warranty your contractor will provide. With all your questions answered, you can sign a contract and get that new or repaired roof over your head.

Greenawalt Roofing is a CertainTeed 5-Star SELECT ShingleMaster and TAMKO Pro Certified contractor. Unsure if your home sustained damage from a hail storm? Let us help! Schedule your free hail inspection with one of our Hail Damage experts. Call 717-898-6000 or visit to schedule a free hail inspection today.

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