Smilebuilderz opened its doors in 2006 with one unique principle in mind: that dental patients would benefit most from the continuity of care and convenience of having routine and specialty care available all in the same practice.

“We reimagined dentistry,” says Michael Tomchick, Smilebuilderz CEO.

Today, Smilebuilderz handles over 140,000 patient visits each year in Lancaster County, and every one of them gets the personal touch.

“It really starts with the first phone call,” Tomchick says. “We will match you with a dentist that fits your personality, and you will stay with your dental team for your entire time here. Dental treatment is a lifelong process.”

What makes that lifelong journey of dental care so easy at Smilebuilderz are the 23 doctors on staff, including 14 dentists, three oral surgeons, three orthodontists, two periodontists and one endodontist.

“All specialists and dentists not only work under one roof, but they also work together,” Tomchick says. “They talk to each other about the treatment, and they coordinate the care going forward.”

While other dentists may refer you outside their practice for specialty services such as braces or wisdom tooth extraction, Smilebuilderz offers all of those services, ensuring ease of treatment and fully integrated care that not only lowers costs but also keeps you on the right path to dental health.

Thanks to the size and scope of its practice, Smilebuilderz can offer patients the latest technology, like digital image scanning that makes a 3D image of the mouth - from the palate and bony structure to the soft tissue – allowing them to create more accurate prosthetics, such as crowns and implants.

“The measurements are always on point and perfect,” Tomchick says. “We can actually make a prosthetic that’s going to fit the first time, always.”

Digital imaging can also be used to make more accurate dental impressions, avoiding the often messy and unpleasant experience of traditional impressions. Plus, specialists also use 3D imaging to plan out surgeries digitally, ensuring a better outcome.

In addition to its flagship location at 1685 Crown Avenue, Smilebuilderz also has two urgent care locations, at 2114 Spring Valley Road, Lancaster, and 893 E. Main Street, Ephrata. Both locations are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and accept walk-ins. Emergency care is also available six days a week, and they can handle all dental trauma, saving a costly trip to the emergency room.

Smilebuilderz is in the process of expanding its services even more with a state-of-the-art second-floor space at its Crown Avenue location that will house a new orthodontics department as well as pediatric dentistry. With 12 new treatment chairs, Tomchick estimates the new space, scheduled to open in January 2020, will increase their capacity to treat patients in Lancaster County by about 25 percent. A new payment plan program launching soon will also make orthodontia more affordable, with affordable payments of only $150 per month.

The ultimate goal is to provide quality dental care that is easy and affordable. And at Smilebuilderz that comes with a lot of extras, like private rooms, free oral cancer screenings and the knowledge that all dental specialists have at least three to five years of experience before joining the practice, which also has its own training department.

“They really learn how to be on top of their game here because they’re working with each other,” Tomchick says. “That’s really the advantage for the patient. They don’t pay any extra for this. We just hope that translates to the experience the patient has when they come here. They know they’re in good hands.”

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