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Could Your Small Business Use Customized Financial Management Services?

Presented By Regal Wealth Advisors

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All businesses, no matter what size, must operate with effective financial management.  In larger organizations, a finance department led by a chief financial officer (CFO) fulfills this role. In many small businesses, a bookkeeper and/or the owner often fill this role.  Many bookkeepers, while probably proficient in recording basic accounting transactions, often lack the core accounting knowledge necessary to interpret financial data and provide customized information to guide management decisions.  And even if business owners have some accounting knowledge, they are frequently uneasy about what they do not know, and how a lack of complete financial data may contribute to incorrect decisions.

 At Regal Wealth Advisors, we provide customized financial management services led by a licensed CPA.  Our services span the range of basic accounting services to customized financial reporting and analysis, which includes the opportunity to utilize a fractional CFO. Our systems and services ensure that your accounting information is timely and accurate, so that we can deliver high-value management information—information that we thoroughly explain so that your financial management knowledge grows.  This means you can move from managing your company to leading your company.   

An added benefit of delivering customized financial management services within a wealth management firm, as we believe small business financial management services are a crucial element of high-value wealth management services, is our unique ability to provide guidance on various retirement plan options available to small businesses, and most important, their owners. 

 If you currently feel that improving your accounting and financial reporting systems will make you and your organization more effective, and if you want to ensure you are taking optimal advantage of retirement plan options for you and your employees, we believe we can help. Contact our team at Regal Wealth for a consultation. 

Presented By Regal Wealth Advisors

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