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  • May 14, 2021
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Canvas covers can make your outdoor deck space more livable

Presented by Kreider's Canvas Service, Inc.

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We are all looking for ways to save. Gas prices took a brief drop, but are heading back up. The cost of building additions is also increasing as the overall economy is trying to recover in a new, but safe way.

Many people are looking for ways to expand the usable area in their home without the high expense of an addition. That might mean looking to their decks, patios and porches. But often those areas are too hot or too wet, making them impossible to use.

At Kreider’s Canvas Service, we experienced this firsthand on a deck where we were installing an awning. The air temperature was 87 degrees but the deck’s surface temperature was 139 degrees -- YES --- 139 degrees, and it was only 11:30 in the morning. This is why you can’t walk barefoot on an unprotected deck or patio. By shading this area with a canopy, we were able to drop that temperature 52 degrees to the more comfortable 87-degree air temperature. Now the deck just became useful.

Each year we solve this “too hot” deck scenario hundreds of times. Often connected to these areas are large windows, which provide great solar gain with FREE HEAT OVER WINTER. However, in the summer, the air conditioners just barely can stay ahead with cooling the connecting interior room. I’ve had many people discover to their amazement that their AC units are running much less and their electric bills are lower after they install a removable-cover stationary canopy.

National studies by American Society of Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers, University of Minnesota and Professional Awning Manufacture Association all provide solid evidence of energy savings of up to 77% when shading west- and south-facing windows with awnings. Additional studies have strong evidence of energy savings of 25% to 30% on annual energy costs by using removable canvas awnings. Permanent roofs don’t provide near the annual savings.

Another benefit of a removable-cover stationary canopy awning is the seasonal additional shaded and dry area it provides. Summers are often the time when most people take vacations and spend more time outdoors. A stationary canopy provides a great area to unwind after work every day -- even if it is a rainy day. It can also make a “staycation” easier and more enjoyable. Your deck area can become a regular vacation spot, where you can relax, enjoy the fresh air, and stay close to family and friends.

There are additional reasons for using awnings and canopies. They can protect doors, floors, carpet and furniture from sun fading. Window films and high e-glass can provide some protection, but other studies have found that the best protection comes from the outside.

The fabrics we use on today’s canopy covers are rarely of true canvas (cotton duck). Most of our materials are synthetic weaves that look like canvas but last up to 10–20 years, compared to the old cotton duck covers, which would last only 5–10 years. We also can make a color recommendation so you get a great aesthetic feel in the area. Before we estimate, we normally do a site visit and suggest the best solutions.

Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience providing customers with canvas solutions for window, porch and deck areas. We are one of the most experienced local canvas companies, with the equipment and skills to manufacturer canvas products in our facility. Unlike most companies, we don’t outsource our work. Our staff includes two fabric welders who use bonding methods that are stronger and more durable than traditional sewn seams. We can also do repairs in-house, which cuts down on costs.

We are celebrating our 46th year in the canvas business. We started in July 1975 with the goal of doing every job correctly, with the best materials and strongest attachment methods for every situation. We not only sell canvas products, but also install them, serving the area within a 60-minute radius of our Leola shop. We will also remove awnings from patio areas in the fall and reinstall them in the spring for better weather protection. However, with our superior designs and instructions, most customers find it simple enough to service their own awnings.

For more information, visit, where you’ll find information about all of our products and learn how we can provide solutions for your deck, patio, window, walkway or porch problems. Feel free to contact us: 717-656-7387. We make suggestions, but never pressure.

Presented by Kreider's Canvas Service, Inc.

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