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If your organization or company desires to re-publish a story written by a LNP MEDIA GROUP, Inc. editor or reporter; or re-publish a photograph taken by a LNP MEDIA GROUP, Inc. photographer, you must completely fill out this form.

Once received, your request will be reviewed by the appropriate people at LNP MEDIA GROUP, Inc., and approval will either be given or denied. You will be notified accordingly within 2-3 weeks. If approval is given, your organization or company will be required to make a payment based on (1) the nature and content of the article and/or photograph, (2) a fee scale, and (3) the information you have provided to LNP MEDIA GROUP, Inc.

LNP MEDIA GROUP, Inc., under U.S. copyright laws, has the right to deny any request.

If permission is granted, your organization/company agrees to (1) pay the required fees and (2) to give credit for the content and/or photo to both the newspaper and the author/photographer.

Also note that if permission is granted, it is strictly for a one-time use as described. Additional uses or new uses would require a new permission request.

- The minimum price for a non-profit/educational organization or group is: $32.00 per article/photo.
- The minimum price for any other company/political organization or group is: $250.00 per article and $150 per photo.

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