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If your organization or company desires to re-publish a story written by a LNP MEDIA GROUP editor or reporter; or re-publish a photograph taken by a LNP MEDIA GROUP photographer, you must completely fill out this form.

Once received, your request will be reviewed by LNP MEDIA GROUP for approval. Approvals may take up to 2 weeks. LNP MEDIA GROUP under U.S. copyright laws, has the right to deny any request. If approval is given, payment will be required based on:

  • The nature and content of the article and/or photograph.
  • A fee scale.
  • The information you have provided to LNP MEDIA GROUP.

If permission is granted, your organization/company agrees to:

  • Pay the required fees via credit card, prior to the release of the article and/or photograph.
  • To give credit for the content and/or photo to both the newspaper and the author/photographer.
  • Sign a materials release provided by LNP | LancasterOnline.

An invoice and payment receipt will be provided once the sale is complete. If permission is granted, it is strictly for a one-time use as described. Additional uses or new uses would require a new permission request.


  • The minimum price for a non-profit/educational organization or group is: $32 per article/photo.
  • The minimum price for any other company/political organization or group is: $250 per article and $150 per photo.

Sales tax will be charged unless you are tax exempt.  Please provide a copy of the sales tax exemption certificate if tax exempt.

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