Letters to the editor

While most of the Jan. 7 edition of LNP | LancasterOnline was rightfully focused on the horrible scenes at the U.S. Capitol, there was a Spotlight PA article on Page A4 headlined “Pennsylvanian lags nation in testing.”

Pennsylvania is 45th in the nation in COVID-19 testing per 100,000 residents. Yep, 45th.

While we are distracted by the antics of the cult of Trump — and these are treasonous, seditious antics — the virus is raging, people are dying, some schools are closed and businesses are closing. And Pennsylvania has given us a testing program that ranks 45th.

The rate of vaccine distribution also lags behind that of our peer states. The rollout plan is so complicated that I believe it is doomed to be slow, clunky and inefficient.

We cannot ignore the heinous acts at the Capitol. People must be held to account. However, we cannot afford to be so consumed by the spectacle that we lose sight of the debacle unfolding before us now in Pennsylvania.

Why is Pennsylvania near the bottom of tests performed? What is the plan for vaccine rollout in Lancaster County? Will we need appointments? How will we get an appointment? Will it be at a mass vaccination site? The list of questions is immense.

I don’t care what the Lancaster County commissioners think about what happened at the Capitol. I want to know where they are in vaccination planning. Let’s not be so distracted by the events in Washington that we lose focus on what makes a difference here.

Allison Gray

Manheim Township

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