A June 27 letter, “Medicare is a plan, not a system,” touted regular Medicare over Medicare Advantage.  Clearly, our Advantage plan is far better for us and the millions who are enrolled.

Our plan in central Pennsylvania has no monthly premium. The normal Medicare B premium deducted from our Social Security, plus about $8,000 federal dollars, are forwarded to a private insurer.

We have small co-pays for some services that are easier to pay than the large monthly premium a supplemental insurance plan would cost, if we could qualify for one.

The most out-of-pocket cost is $6,700 annually per person.

Further, our Advantage plan includes drug coverage with no extra premium. Most commonly used generics have zero co-pays.

The first 20 days in a skilled nursing facility have no co-pay. A prior hospital stay isn’t required, unlike with regular Medicare. When medically necessary, Advantage provides 14 home meals for seven days. Eighteen one-way trips to medical appointments are provided at no charge.

Plus, membership in a Silver Sneakers program at health clubs can be free. Some dental, vision and hearing benefits are included.  Members get $25 over-the-counter health aids per month free.

More power to the private insurance companies that can provide this fine coverage and still make a profit.

Regarding Veteran Affairs, it still  requires my husband to see an outside doctor and bring test results to his yearly VA checkup to stay in the VA loop. Seems like a needless duplication of services.

Shirley Cressman

West Lampeter Township