Rush Limbaugh likes to illustrate absurdity by citing examples of the absurd. A good example of absurdity is the U.S. Congress, especially the liberal Democratic Party. These self-proclaimed intellectuals and elitists think and act in stupid ways. These proud champions of tax-funded abortion without restriction express great concern and compassion for the children of immigrants here illegally. Access to abortion is their core belief, in my opinion, and yet they do not understand when life begins nor do they praise the sanctity of life. We are told to believe there is no life after conception, there is no life during the first trimester, no life before the detection of a heartbeat, and a baby is not alive just prior to or immediately after birth.

In order to be consistent and go a step further, they should advocate making abortion legal up to the age of 18. After all, many teenagers are not capable of supporting themselves. In addition, this would be a relief to some women who dread the sacrifice of raising children. The hard truth is that a woman’s right to choose does not trump the wisdom of Almighty God.

Knowledge, belief and obedience to the Word of God are not an absurdity, for it is an absolute truth that man alone is not capable of solving man’s problems.

I do wish that every liberal will have a happy day — enjoy a wonderful meal at Chick-fil-A!

Jake Eckenrode

West Donegal Township