Why do scam artists continue to make random phone calls to entrap gullible people? They’d find an embarrassment of riches at President Donald Trump’s rallies. Some of his admirers have already been scammed by Trump, believing the myriad prevarications, ratifying his narcissism and juvenile smears of others, and ignoring the corruption, ignorance and bumbling of his administration.

Anyone who wears T-shirts emblazoned “I’d rather be Russian than a Democrat” isn’t patriotic. And those who chant “Lock her up” — despite the irony of their former chant cheerleader’s criminality (Michael Flynn) — apparently believe in suspending our Constitution and laws. They constitute a dictator’s dream base.

Trump warned his gullibles, in his Orlando speech, that the radical Democrats are coming to destroy them. He preens onstage as their fixer, preventing a concocted apocalypse, while his own fixer rests in jail.

The bozo parade continues, as you can’t make this up. Trump just awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Arthur Laffer (cue the “laugher” track). He co-wrote a polemic tribute book to Trump, “Trumponomics,” which Trump hasn't read, but possibly heard that “people are talking” about it.

Laffer is noted for the Laffer curve: The more you cut taxes, the greater the revenue.  Do the math: Cutting taxes 50% requires double the income growth to equal lost revenue — improbable.  His curve, resembling  a huge smiley face, applies to his other assumption that Barack Obama caused the 2007 recession, irrespective that Obama was a senator, and was not sworn in as president until January 2009.

Trump worries about witch hunts. Let’s worry about his witch doctors.

Don Rossi

Manheim Township