Replying to the writer of the May 29 letter “Trump’s a friend of law enforcement”: Sir, you say that President Donald Trump is a friend to the police, unlike President Barack Obama. You cannot be more wrong. Trump is a lawless president who thinks he’s a king.

He has given the police a green light to hurt people when they’re arrested. He was on live TV telling the police to bang suspects’ heads while putting them into police cars. He said to rough them up! For one thing, if you’re a cop, you’re to be apolitical. You shouldn’t voice your opinion of a president.

Second, Obama tried to make changes to policing so people would be treated with respect.

It worries me that the police and some in the military back a man who breaks our laws and has no respect for our Constitution. Trump has pardoned people who broke the laws. You stand beside a man who willfully asked our adversary, Russia, to help him win the election. You back a man who smears a war hero, the late Sen. John McCain.

Pam Miller