The changes proposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for Route 272, Pennsy Road, Mount Hope School Road and Byerland Church Road are going to create a confusing situation for commuters every time there’s a horse and buggy involved.

That’s because we travel on the berm, at 8 to 10 miles per hour, and for us to merge across two lanes of 50-60 mph traffic to make a left turn will be a nightmare.

I realize that our eighth-grade education does not qualify us to be engineers, but if PennDOT engineers think this is going to work, then they’re the ones needing more education.

I will offer a carriage load of PennDOT officials a ride showing them the challenge we face when we need to exit left off of Route 272 onto any of these intersections. And with these so-called jug handles we will have this challenge just to cross Route 272.

Why not traffic lights? The new intersection at the Buck seems to work well.

If they were to put traffic lights at both the Pennsy Road and the Byerland Church Road intersections, then the Mount Hope School Road intersection will take care of itself, as the traffic lull created by the red light would give us easy chances to get on or off of Mount Hope Road School Road.

Now a plea to the general public. Every morning, get up 15 minutes earlier and on your way to work drive 10-20 mph slower. The life you save might be your own.

Daniel Glick

Providence Township