A recent holiday week spent with extended family brought food, fun and the inevitable political conversation. My kids and their friends are now in their late 20s and are well into their careers and thinking about starting families.

It was interesting to note the tension between the generations over such issues as family leave and Social Security. Our kids today are beginning to realize the burden they are being saddled with as we continue to increase our national debt. I noticed they are getting the message that Social Security for their parents’ generation will not be the same for them. They have a strong belief in the responsibility of employers to provide for family leave, and to provide equal pay that is not based on gender.

Most of the conversation did not mention political partisanship or turn to frenzied finger-pointing. They are appropriately worried about their families and friends, and the decisions or lack of decisions being made today that will impact them tomorrow. I am proud to note our children remain the messengers of our future. We should take heed.

David E. Wood

Manheim Township