This is in response to Gov. Tom Wolf calling elected officials who want to reopen Lancaster County and other areas of Pennsylvania “cowardly.” Wolf may have used “cowardly” to describe just the elected officials, but I believe he automatically included everyone who elected these officials and wants these elected officials to stand up for them. 

While Wolf may be frustrated that not all Pennsylvanians agree with his and state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine’s reopening plans, his choice of the word “cowardly” is poor, at best. He insulted the very people who apparently want to work and the very ones who largely contribute to his state’s overwhelming, out-of-control budget.

Why would he insult hardworking Pennsylvanians when they are losing their jobs, businesses, homes and paychecks? I believe they are anything but cowardly. They have followed the guidelines, tried their very best to make it through a terrible situation, and are watching everything they worked so hard for drift away. They deserve a lot better.

I can’t imagine what it's like to be governor, especially at this time, and I’m sure it’s daunting to manage this pandemic. Initially, I supported anyone in power who had to make decisions regarding this pandemic. However, Wolf lost my respect by calling elected officials cowardly when they questioned how he is handling things and because they want to reopen before he says it’s OK. Then he adds insult to injury by essentially making financial threats against business owners regarding insurance liability.

He owes the people of Pennsylvania a sincere apology! I question whether he has the nerve to apologize.

Susan Geesey