The COVID-19 threat has created unprecedented challenges for Pennsylvania and the nation. Our collective response needs to be measured and well-coordinated with all stakeholders. All branches of government and private enterprise need to work together to achieve our community goals.

I think the unilateral approach that Gov. Tom Wolf took in his initial pronouncement to close businesses deemed nonessential fell short in this area. The result was confusion and unnecessary panic. It is essential that we have balanced leadership, an attitude of shared responsibility and a commitment to shared sacrifice.

The governor’s office needs to be careful that the actions taken, in attempting to safeguard the public health, do nothing to undermine our long-term shared freedoms, economic vitality and community values. Balanced leadership and willingness to work with the state Legislature and private sector is essential. Together, we can face and, by God’s grace, overcome the unseen foe.

Mark Hubbard

East Lampeter Township