As the New Year approaches, I would like to share my wish list for the upcoming year. First and foremost, I wish for happiness, health and safety for my daughter, grandson, lovely wife and all my family and friends. 

Second, I wish for Congress to get on with the business for the people, and get over its obsession with getting rid of President Donald Trump.

Third, I wish for an end to all this senseless gun violence. People should be able to go to places of worship, schools, work and even shopping without having to worry about some deranged individual opening fire.

Fourth, I wish for a return to respect for law enforcement. The overwhelming majority of officers are dedicated men and women who are doing their best to make our communities safe, in spite of the constant attacks from some of the media and anti-law enforcement activists. They deserve our appreciation and respect.

Finally, I wish for the reporters of LNP to be specific when they report where an arrested person lives. This has been my pet peeve with LNP for a long time. I’m tired of the generalizations, such as “Lancaster man” or “Columbia man.” Please do your due diligence and get the exact area correctly, such as township or borough. As readers and subscribers, we have a right to know.

Thank you and merry Christmas, happy new year and God bless.

Randy L. Herman

Manor Township

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