Letters to the editor

“I’m not part of the nanny state that believes people’s lives need to be controlled or be lectured to,” says Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons, someone who I believe only passes for a political leader (“Official hints at closing site early,” April 28 LNP | LancasterOnline).

Apparently, Parsons is part of a local political bloc that believes it’s not their responsibility to somehow convey the urgency of vaccination to the 60% of the county that is not yet vaccinated.

Given Parsons’ membership in a party whose former U.S. president seemingly did everything he could to downplay the deadly impact of COVID-19, it’s not surprising that Parsons doesn’t think it behooves him to help protect the county he serves.

Until vaccination rates rise to an appropriate level, we are all unsafe.

One wonders what motivates someone like Parsons to enter political life. Are we always to be cursed by the feckless crowd of U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker, Parsons and other GOP enablers who, I believe, have helped to afflict our country with more than a half-million deaths? Or is warning and advising constituents of the danger their reluctance spells for all of us too close to the “nanny state” that seems to be bothering Parsons much more than the virus?

Joel Eigen


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