I read a column today about Hillary Clinton’s umpteen reasons why she lost. And I read elsewhere every day why President Donald Trump is so bad. But due to a 90%-plus obliging and supportive press, nowhere do you read the real reasons Trump is supported. So let me try to help.

Very few Trump supporters like his tweets or lies or whatever negatives you add. We Trump supporters agree with you. We would add that he does nothing more than what every politician does. Pick any bad Trump deed, and we’ll point out a corresponding bad deed by a Democrat. So what gives?

Answer: Outside the heavily populated New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Hollywood liberal bubbles, here are the policies middle America doesn’t like:

— Free health care for all, including immigrants here illegally.

— Free college and taxpayers paying off student loans.

— Refusing to rewrite acknowledged outdated immigration laws.

— Raising taxes on everyone to pay for the above.

— An openly touted, socialism-driven, big government approach.

— Pathetic weakness and zero backbone demonstrated to the rest of the world on foreign policy (perhaps the most overlooked error of the Obama administration).

So, Democrats, please don’t overcomplicate it. We admit it. Trump is bad in many personal ways. But address the issues. Or get ready for another four years of Trump. The above list is why there will likely be a surprise Democrat running for office. Pick your Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, whomever, poison. Their policies ain’t selling outside liberal bubbles.

Or maybe you should impeach Trump. Only way to beat him.

Bill Kleine

Pequea Township