During his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, former special counsel Robert Mueller was asked if Russia would attempt to attack future U.S. elections, as it did in 2016.

Mueller replied: “They’re doing it as we sit here.” He went on to recommend that intelligence and law enforcement agencies should work together and stated that “they should use the full resources that we have to address this.”

Clearly, a good recommendation.

The very next day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell squashed two bills intended to ensure voting security, claiming they were “so partisan.” The first bill had tried to get consent to pass a House bill that requires the use of paper ballots and includes funding for the Election Assistance Commission. The second also asked for consent to pass legislation that would require candidates, campaign officials and their family members to notify the FBI of offers of assistance from foreign governments.

Both bills appear to be reasonable and needed, so why would McConnell reject them? Could it be that earlier this year he received donations from four of the top voting machine lobbyists in the country and he was simply doing their bidding?

Or is it because the big boss, POTUS 45 (President Donald Trump), welcomes foreign intervention in our elections, as it improves his chances to win as it did in 2016?

I believe the answer to both questions is yes. Time to ditch Mitch in 2020 and protect our democratic institutions.

Edward Gemind

Lancaster Township