I read the July 2 front-page article “Politics tie up voting machine funding.” The state is requiring counties to spend money on new voting machines. (Side note: Why my paper ballot that gets sucked into a machine, read by a scanner and records a vote doesn’t provide an adequate paper trail is beyond me. The ballots are collected in the machine! But I digress.)

In the bill sent to Gov. Tom Wolf to fund some of the expense, a provision was inserted to eliminate straight-ticket voting. (The governor has since vetoed the bill.)

Then things go off the rails in the July 2 article. It speculates about why Democrats support straight-party voting and Republicans generally don’t. There is no way to know why people support or don’t support such a provision. Anything in the article about that is just speculation that creates division among Pennsylvania voters.

Why does everything have to be viewed through a party lens? Can’t we simply discuss the merits or flaws of the idea?

Bottom line: Wolf held up voting machine funding because of the provision. That is the news. Not Republicans think this or Democrats think that. So voters, are you able to vote without the straight-party option? Can you go through and chose the individual candidate you want to win in a particular race on an election ballot? Apparently the governor doesn’t think so.

Stephanie Palic

Manheim Township