PennDOT is our state-run Department of Transportation, or, as I like to joke, the Department of Disabling Transportation. I have lived in Lancaster since 1990, and there has never been a time that the turnpike or Route 30 was not under construction. And it’s the taxpayers who not only foot the bill for the construction, but spend 100% more time driving to and from work due to it.

My biggest issue is that nothing ever seems fixed. Patched, maybe, repaired, sort of, but not fixed. Whenever I drive past a PennDOT construction site, I see more than half of the workers just standing around, smoking, eating, talking, joking. I have never driven past a site where even 50% of the employees were busy.

How does that merit all the money we throw at them? To put it as plainly as possible, it does not. Our roads are horrible, yet always being constructed. Why is that? Why can’t we have smooth highways, nonobsolete road systems? We certainly put in the work hours and funds to have this, yet we still don’t. So I ask yet again, where is my money going?

Centerville Road, for example, is a disaster, and will continue to be for years to come, inconveniencing thousands of people daily, with seemingly no end in the near future at all. There has to be a better way to fix this than throwing billions at people who cannot balance a checkbook. Food for thought.

Eric Zelt

Clay Township