How many? How many grocery stores are enough? Within a short distance (some walking) from the intersection of Good Drive and Columbia Avenue in East Hempfield Township, there are seven(!) grocery stores. And that number does not include the food goods available at nearby Rite Aid, CVS and Dollar General.

Now another grocery store is being constructed on a large tract at the above site (“Lidl buys Columbia Avenue properties,” June 21). Really, for what purpose? To fill another open area where several people lived in their mobile homes and to create greater traffic congestion and try to take business and jobs from other stores.

Where is the concern about these people and the environment? There isn’t any. It’s just dollars, which could be put to greater use.

And it’s not just grocery stores. Recent articles in LNP told of the many hotels being built lately, stating that the occupancy rate is around 55%. That means for every 1,000 rooms, 450 are empty. Is this wise use of money and land? We could also add all the new banks popping up. What is the economic and human sense for all these excesses?

Jim Swarr

East Hempfield Township