One June 8 letter writer (“Debate about fixing inequality”) wondered why we can’t have affirmative action in the NBA and NFL because of the overrepresentation by African American players and sparse population of white players. Well, my thoughts are you probably should ask the people who developed these leagues and wrote the rules and values that are used to stock these leagues. You could ask the owners why they don’t have many people who look like them on the team and what can be done to rectify this situation. I’m pretty sure that the players in this league don’t care what their teammates look like — only if they can help them win. So if there is a racist element in the league, the owners should be held accountable. If there is some type of discrimination taking place, it should be outed and those who are practicing such discrimination should cease and desist such practice — maybe reserve some spots.

Just remember what, in most cases, discrimination stems from: People who write the rules use methods and practices that exclude certain portions of the population from fully participating in a fair and equitable manner. There is one African American majority owner in these leagues (Michael Jordan), so he didn’t write the rules.

I see where African Americans are underrepresented in the NHL, but this does not bother me, because most of the African American people I know just are not that good at it! Great players grow up playing these games in childhood.

Roger Culbreth Sr.

East Hempfield Township