Letters to the editor

Why are so many of our state and national leaders pushing the Big Lie, new voting restrictions and expanded gun rights, while refusing to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol?

The only “leader,” in my view, is defeated, disgraced former President Donald Trump and his blind and bullheaded “Trumpublicans,” whose philosophy is based on beliefs rather than logic and thought.

In Washington, D.C., we have no leaders for good. There is no one leading us to honesty, kindness, tolerance, peace and goodwill. Where are they? Are they extinct? President Joe Biden could be this person, but not enough Democrats offer him moral support.

If we operate on the basic theory that Republicans are about money and Democrats are about people, we still end up leaderless. In my view, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — the Democrats’ so-called leaders — are out of sight and useless. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey seems to be a decent man, but he is invisible.

Is there no one anywhere in this huge country with a positive outlook and who offers hope for the future? Perhaps some multimillionaire televangelist will offer himself for this role, but I believe that such a person would be primarily about his or her own personal greed and would offer us nothing unless we “contribute.”

Has there ever been a time in our national history when we have been so devoid of leadership?

Brad Tinkham


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