Regarding the Oct. 1 letter “About to be homeless again”:

I have personally walked with this family for the past five years — at times guided under the organizations that are now falling short for them.

What Audrey Barrett did not mention in her letter is all the hard work she and her family did to overcome their situations. What she did not mention is how graceful her family has always presented itself, when most would become bitter and angry. What she did not say is that their goal was always to work their way out of the system. Or how close they were to their goal.

If the system can fail a family doing everything the right way, how can we sit silently, expecting it to keep anyone safe?

When do we as a community step up and fill the void? We can, and we are all able. There are many, many families in similar situations who need help, who need friendship, and who need us as a community to just be there. If you aren’t walking with your neighbors, your community, your friends, what are you doing? We can no longer sit idly and wait for the system to work itself out. We all need to be better.

Rebecca Saner

New Providence Township